StonesAyurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic massage is part of the ancient and traditional Ayurvedic medicine, embodied in the Vedas, at least 5000 years ago.

Conceptually Ayurvedic massage is a technique of deep massage that combines vigorous movements across the muscle mass along with traction and stretching manoeuvres, and the stimulation of points and vital organs in order to balance physical, mental, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy .

This massage technique is one of the most complete, acting at various levels, helping to shape the body aiding lymphatic drainage, realigning the entire bone structure, muscles, relieving stress, strengthening the immune system, detoxifying the body and has anti-stress and anti-depressant effects.

It gives the body more flexibility with stretching of muscles and joint mobility.

In addition to acting in the emotional field, can break free and “clean” emotions that were blocked at some stage in life. It also acts in the energy body / spirit, aligning and reactivating the body’s energy centres (chakras), unlocking the flow of vital energy.
It also brings a deep process of self-awareness and personal transformation in a natural and conscious way.

After a massage the patient gets up with a feeling of freshness, lightness and tranquility, full of energy, peace and light.

Massages from 30,00€ on.


Definition of Reiki by International Association of Reiki Professionals

Reiki is a spiritual healing art. It is not massage nor is it based on belief or suggestion. A Reiki session usually is between 60 and 90 minutes in length. The session is performed by a Reiki Practitioner (RP or RMT) using specific Reiki hand positions. During a Reiki session, the client is fully clothed while comfortably reclining on a massage table or seated in a chair. A Reiki session aids in stress reduction and it is almost always a very relaxing experience. Reiki sessions or classes are a great investment in yourself.

Reiki is:
– A subtle and effective form of energy healing using spiritually guided life force energy (Rei-ki)
– Practiced in every country of the world
– Being used in many setting including hospitals, hospice, as well as in private practice
and in self-care
– A wonderful complementary modality in a personal wellness or healing program

Reiki is not:
– Affiliated with any particular religion or religious practice
– New. Reiki energy itself is thousands of years old (at least)
Defining qualities of Reiki:
– A practice of transmitting healing energy through the hands
– Passed on through the attunement process
– The energy is not guided by the practitioner, but the energy has it’s own innate wisdom to guide itself.
– Reiki energy is not based on belief, faith or suggestion.

A Reiki session may help ease tension and stress and may help support the body to facilitate healing on all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual. A session is pleasant and relaxing and is most often utilized for one’s own personal wellness, not just illness. A Reiki I class is a great gift to give to yourself. To find a Reiki Practitioner or Reiki Master Teacher in your area of the world please see Find a Reiki Practitioner or Teacher.
Please Note: Reiki is meant to be used as a complement to traditional care or as a personal relaxation or stress reducing tool. It is not a substitute for qualified medical or traditional care.

Reiki sessions from 25€ on


Shiatsu is a Japanese word meaning «finger pressure». No oils are used. Light to medium pressure is applied with the thumbs, fingers, and hands along channels or meridians that help to balance and free the flow of physical and mental energy. Shiatsu also uses tissue manipulation and stretching.

Shiatsu sessions from 41€ on.


Involves the insertion of very thin needles trough the patient´s skin at specific points on the body – the needles are inserted to various depths. The therapeutic benefits includes pain relief and alleviation from nausea. The points are located on meridians through which CHI vital energy runs. Acupunture helps indigestion symptoms, back pain, hypertension or some other articulation pain.

Bodywork therapists also employ supplemental methods such as cupping. A heat treatment using burning mugwort or other herbs to stimulate acupoints (Moxibustion) is also employed.

Acunpucture sessions from 44€ on.

Sports massage

Can be used pre performance, post performance, during training or for rehabilitation. Athletes as surfers and golf players may benefit from this.

It is a systematic manipulation of the soft tissues of the body that focuses on muscles relevant to a particular sport. Many movements and techniques are used in sports massage (friction, stroking, kneading, compression and stretching).This movements are used to try to help the athlete´s body and achieve maximum performance and physical conditioning with a decreased chance of injury.

Benefits included:

  • Blood flow;
  • Flexibility;
  • Elimination of exercise waste products;
  • Increased sense of well-being.

Sports massage sessions from 36€ on.

Aura Reading

  • Awareness and purification therapy;
  • Observation and dissolving patterns of behavior that may be preventing the evolution of the being;
  • Opportunity to release;
  • A discussion of spirit to spirit (or soul to soul);
  • It’s a meeting with your divine self;
  • Readings for adults and children.

Aura readings for 40€.

Craniosacral therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a therapy that, through an extremely soft touch, can detect and correct changes in the functioning of the craniosacral system and the parts related to it in order to get more and better health and greater well being .. It helps to solve many health problems, going to their causes and resolving them or benefiting it significantly. Once it deals with the body and with the craniosacral system, it improves not only the body but also the nervous system, therefore it can help and benefit any situation.

It can benefit: Autism, dyslexia, dizziness, sinusitis, tinnitus, migraines, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue.

Craniosacral therapies for 35€.


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